I AM Savannah Rachel. I love sunshine and flowers and laughter and children and 90 degree days and tears of joy and rain and full moons and being a daughter and a sister and the sound of four different male voices calling me Mom and having conversations with a toddler and being Abuelita to four beautiful girls and the smell of a book that hasn’t been opened in years and star gazer lilies and roses and fresh sweet herbs and my bed and Barack Obama and cooking for friends and being barefoot and horses and African faces and Miles Davis and Morocco and gardens and vintage cameras and living in the country and Rottweilers and art and being creative and possibilities and my connection with Spirit, and the satisfying sound of the click of camera shutter.I document the moment. I tell the story. I capture the love, the laughter, the playfulness, the warmth and the interactions between you and the camera. I delight in capturing nuanced emotions, private glances, delighted grins and the quirks that reveal your personality. I create images that are timeless, unforgettable reminders of a special moment in time. I utilize all natural light at beautiful locales in and around the Chicago area to convey a sense of place and emotion for your portraits. Outside of Chicago, I will research and discover the perfect location for your portrait session. And if you have a particular location in mind, let's talk about it!


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